Download and setup sgttoolbox

  1. Setup PsychToolbox3. See for instruction of PsychToolbox3 installation.

  2. Download sgttoolbox from

    • for Matlab on Windows 64bit: download SimpleGazeTracker.m and sgttbx_net.mexw64.
    • for Octave on Ubuntu 64bit: download SimpleGazeTracker.m and sgttbx_net.mex.
    • Other: SimpleGazeTracker.m and sgttbx_net.c. Then, build Mex file by running ‘mex sgttbx_net.c’. Please see file header comment of sgttbx_net.c, too.
  3. Copy SimpleGazeTracker.m and the Mex file to a directory where Octave can find them.